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Bluewater Pools Cairns and the Blue Glass Pebble Company what a great combination.

Blue Glass Pebble Company is Australia's premier supplier of glass pebble and New Zealand pebble pool finishes for concrete pools!

Great pool finish form Bluewater Pools Cairns

Bluewater Pools Cairns can offer a unique, ultra-smooth, gorgeous glass pebble swimming pool interior affording the lucky customer a stunningly vibrant array of colours which need to be seen to be believed using the unbelievable range of swimming pool finishes from the Blue Glass Pebble Company.

Why choose a Blue Glass Pebble Company pool finish?

EASILY installed - just add water!

THE most beautiful and durable pool interior on the market

Vibrantly colourful, dazzling sparkle, and luxuriously smooth

Low maintenance required of the pool owner

Huge colour possibilities to match any colour scheme or landscape design

The most colour fast pool interior in Australia

Smooth and luxurious glass pool finishes

Brilliant sparkling effects both day and night

Fully Premixed to ensure batch consistency and our rigid quality demands

Australia's most trusted and committed provider of glass pool finishes and New Zealand pebble

A HIGH END product at a mid range price - VERY COST EFFECTIVE!

Did we mention - IT WON'T FADE!!

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